Comfort Kerchief
by gaye gilbert kriegel




In my eyes, you are a true celebrity and your pattern is pure genius. It has made a tough situation easier for a lot of women. What a marvelous way to honor your mother.

 CC, Colorado, who has sewn and given away over 2500 Comfort Kerchiefs



Your Comfort Kerchief is the most wonderful discovery of my six month chemo experience. It is the easiest, most comfortable item to wear and still feel OK in public. Hats and scarves were expensive and not nearly as comfortable. Please send the pattern so that as soon as I get back to life, I can begin making Kerchiefs for others.

 RV, Colorado



Two Comfort Kerchiefs came to me tagged with your name as the pattern designer. I want you to know how greatly appreciated your Kerchiefs are and continue to be. They are attractive, comfortable to wear, and cheerful - not to mention warm. On behalf of those who are enjoying your Comfort Kerchiefs, I would like to extend a sincere appreciation for your thoughtfulness.

 MD, 1999 Chair, Denver Race for the Cure, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation



When I saw your Comfort Kerchief on the “Sewing with Nancy” TV show, I knew it was the perfect community project for our sewing group. We hope to make at least 100 Comfort Kerchiefs. Thank you for making this pattern available for everyone.

 JL, New York



I recently saw a catalog of head-coverings and could not believe how expensive they are. I hope to make some Comfort Kerchiefs to donate to patients. Thanks for the pattern and for what you do for others.

 KE, Nevada



My sympathy to you for the loss of your mother. Your effort on her behalf and your willingness to share it with others are a blessing to all of us who hear your story and are inspired to do something to help others. May God’s grace be with you in your endeavor.

 VP, Texas



I am eager to sew and donate Comfort Kerchiefs to my local cancer clinic and hospital. They’ll appreciate handing out these gifts of love to their patients.

 KT, Pennsylvania