Comfort Kerchief
by gaye gilbert kriegel





              • Request your Comfort Kerchief pattern(s) in adult size and/or child size

              • Send $5 per pattern, per size, plus $2 for each pattern for P&H.
                Double P&H for non-U.S. shipments; send U.S. funds only.

              • Make your check payable to Comfort Kerchief and mail to:


              Gaye Kriegel

              200 Montell Drive

              Georgetown, TX 78628

















The original Comfort Kerchief pattern is designed to use quilt-weight cotton or cotton/polyester fabric. It does require some skill to sew.



The Quick! Comfort Kerchief pattern is designed to use fleece fabric only. The front looks the same as the original Comfort Kerchief but the back looks different. With only one pattern piece, it is much simpler and quicker to sew.