Comfort Kerchief
by gaye gilbert kriegel




I have lost my hair due to alopecia, not cancer. A friend sewed Comfort Kerchiefs for me and I want to tell you that I absolutely live in them. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the comfort and practicality of your design.

 VJ, Arizona



Thank you for the ideal mother-daughter sewing project. My daughter will benefit from the sewing experience and we will be giving help where it is needed. Consider us inspired!

 MR, Colorado



I have heard about your pattern! As a former oncology nurse, I truly know the need for this item. I do a lot of sewing now that I am retired and would love to work with this pattern.

 JO, Illinois



I have finished all of my chemotherapy and am feeling well enough now to make Kerchiefs for others. Your pattern is great for our moral! God bless you.

 SM, Tennessee


I have read about your wonderful Comfort Kerchief. Please send me the pattern as I have two friends who need a “comfort”.

 MR, Colorado



Please send your pattern ASAP. I’m guessing I have two weeks before my hair falls out.

 ML, Wisconsin



Thanks for sharing your pattern. My financial resources are low, but my “doing” resources are ready to get busy.

 GM, Texas



Your mother would be proud of you!

 DS, Texas